what’s happening in Malawy, Minia?

17 11 2009

If you haven’t heard about it here is a link: http://www.youm7.com/News.asp?NewsID=155127&

Here is short summary in English: A Christian guy was stabbed to death, by some of the local people in Malawy, Minia. A governorate in upper Egypt. These people stated that they attacked an apartment they believed to be a whorehouse, found the Christian guy with a Muslim prostitute.  So they stabbed him. and then there were protests in the streets, against the Coptic families in Malawy.

I really wasn’t sure of my impression after reading about this incident, so I will just randomly share all of the thoughts that came on my mind then:

  • The first thing that shocked me, that some of the comments on the previous news article actually approved these actions, they liked enforcing the _Shari3a_(Islamic law) by themselves and using force. I wonder how many people in Egypt really approve these sort of violent and irrational actions!
  • I really spent some time thinking about the other Christians reaction in this town, they were afraid so they closed their shops and stayed at home, fearing some attacks targeting their shops!! I can’t imagine  how the lives of hundreds, may be thousands, of Christians looked like during these periods. Are we really that weak? we just get terrified and stay at home waiting for things to be better one day!!
  • I think that if Egyptians got to know how many places in Egypt running prostitution as a business, there will be a war all over the country if they reacted in the same way!!
  • I think that we are becoming day after day more overreacting, more prejudiced, and more extreme. I wonder if the guy in this incident was Muslim, will they react in the same way? or do we have double standards for equal citizens of our country.
  • One example of overreacting, that some Muslims think that this is an organized movement from Christians to have sex with Muslim girls!! I really don’t buy this nonsense, So what will we gain from this??
  • I will leave you with a comment that really pissed me off: “العيب فى حسنى مبارك وليس فى النصارى لأنه بصراحة شديدة النصارى أخذوا صلاحيات كبيرة جدا فى عهد هذا الرجل – ومع ذلك ينتظرون المزيد -على الرغم من أن أقباط المهجر يقذفونه ويتظاهرون ضده فى زيارات لأمريكا ، ورحم الله الرئيس السادات كان رجلا حقا”  So he basically states that Copts shouldn’t have the same rights as their Muslim co-citizens! _Ya 7alawa 3ala elmowatna!!_.