The blog’s banner

16 11 2009

Well, as you see, I made a custom banner for my blog, nothing fancy, but it much describes my identity and my character. So I want to share this banner’s story and what does it represent.

starting from the left:

1- Egypt’s flag and map: Yes, I am Egyptian(but not an Arab!) and I can summarize this by saying that I love Egypt but not the Egyptians.  But this is another story and another post. However, I can’t deny that I am pure Egyptian, and this is reflected on many aspects of my life.

2- The Coptic flag: This represents my ethnic roots and my belief . I am Coptic Christian. and this is also another story. I want to assure that I am not seeking a state for the Copts within Egypt. This flag only represents another part of my identity which is my Coptic Orthodox beliefs.

3-What is this?!  really what is this??: OK, this is some how difficult to explain in few words, but this is Coptic language! it is not dead. it is reviving! and this is a verse from Proverbs (18:2) which is: “A fool finds no pleasure in understanding ,but delights in airing his own opinions”. I consider this verse as my inspiration in life.

4- The Coptic cross: Copts are really artistic, and there is a distinctive art practiced by the Copts. Specially Iconography. and this cross is a representation of Coptic art.

5- Pope Shenouda III:  This marvelous man is the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church. He is a true successful leader, I really admire his wisdom, sense of humor, and knowledge.

So, to sum up, this banner represents me. My identity and my roots. Also, the majority of my posts will be about these issues and even more. So please feel free to ask any questions about it, and I’ll be happy to answer.