Julmust addiction!!

22 11 2009

One day early this month, I went to a supermarket, to buy some grocery. I found some huge piles of bottles that contain a drink that looked like Coke but with the Swedish word “julmust”. I wondered what was that drink? why it wasn’t there before? why there was a huge amount of it? and since I am a geek in some way. I remembered the name and did an extensive search over the Internet to find answers to my important (at least to me!) questions. Actually it wasn’t hard to find answers, and I was satisfied with my abilities to solve mysteries!! And then the logical question came on my mind, When will you try this native Swedish drink? should I wait till Christmas as it is supposed to be? or should I wait until a friend offers me that drink? or should I wait for a special offer in the supermarket?!

I discarded these thought for a while, and then on another visit to the supermarket, I found my invitation to try it? two bottles of julmust for the price of one!! yay!! it was a golden chance!! but wait a moment, what if I didn’t like it? will I throw the 3 liters away?! No, that is not me!! (I never throw any consumable product that I spent money on!!). So there was a risk!  I took my chances, and bought the 3 liters, running home to try my new adventurous drink!! and BAM!!  It was great!! and I have to say that after drinking those three liters of this magical drink, I am starting to be addicted to it!! I dream about my next glass of julmust, I feel some itchiness and craving for this drink!

I really don’t know what will I do when the Christmas is over, and there is no more julmust!! I salute the inventors of this drink! Julmust FTW!!

PS. If you are a geek like me, find more on this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julmust

PSS. I would like it more if there is an alcoholic version of it.