RIP Egyptian Dignity!

19 11 2009

I was going to write a post asking Egyptians to get over it, we lost a match, and this is a 50% probability in any match. However, I had a deeper look on the overall situation, and I was really frustrated!!

A couple of weeks ago, the war between Egypt and Algeria was online, using resources like YouTube, Facebook. Both sides made posters, videos, that only aimed  at degrading the other side. They burned the Egyptian flag, and we draw a belly dancer on theirs. They edited photos for Hassan shehata and the Egyptian team, and we did so. At that time, I was wondering if a match deserved all that, and I could never expect that things would evolve to reach the current situation.

Then the war evolved more, with aggressiveness from both sides, we threw their players with stones, and they reacted in the same manner, until then things were happening in an individual or small group scope. Then things went even worse, the Egyptians in Sudan and Algeria were attacked, injured, and even there was a guy who got killed.

After all the humiliation the Egyptians faced in Sudan and Algeria, Things started to get some political aspect. The government Calling the Algerian Ambassador,  people asking for cutting the relations between the two countries!

I have to tell you that we did that to ourselves, I don’t like to mix politics with anything else, but when Egyptian government didn’t react to what happened to Egyptians in Gulf countries when they asked for help, when they were mistreated,  faced in justice and humiliation. When others always hear about the daily struggle every Egyptian has to go through. When we are loosing our leadership to the Arab world, when our status is becoming weaker a day after day, when Arabs come to Egypt only to  go to cabarets and get drunk, after they used to come and learn from us.  We used to be an inspiration for other nations, and they used to honor any Egyptian in their lands, it is not the case anymore.

After we lost our image, I can imagine anything happening to Egyptians. I have to say that “How we ask for others respect while our government is not respecting us??!!”

I never believed in one Arabic united nation, and I don’t want this to happen, I do not even consider myself an Arab, even I speak Arabic. I am Egyptian with Egyptian roots and no single drop in my blood is Arabic, though my grandparents were forced some day to speak Arabic instead of Coptic. I am still Coptic (Egyptian) not Arab. I think it’s time to think about this, Egypt is not an Arab nation, Egypt was invaded by Arabs, It doesn’t matter if we speak Arabic, or the Majority of the population is Muslim. We have our roots and civilization that we should be proud of and try to revive. We should get our image and respect back after we lost it by ourselves. and I think this is not going to happen if we just speak about Arab unity, and how the Egyptians sacrificed  in all ages for the Arabs.

We are Egyptians and we have a great history, that any other Arab nation would love to have . So, wake up Egyptians, we can get alive back, now we are not living we are just breathing air!!

A buch of current events to talk about

16 11 2009

In the past couple of days some major events happened that are worth mentioning and talking about, specially on the 14th of November:

1- The Copts celebrated the 38th anniversary of enthroning Pope Shenouda as Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of  Holy Apostolic See of Saint Mark. Thousands of Christians celebrated this day with joy, and it really showed that this man is truly loved by his people. There was a huge celebration at the Cathedral in Cairo, and though I didn’t attend I heard that it was not properly organized. specially the part in which the Coptic artists said their words. I really don’t know when we will master organizing events. It is a huge event with thousands of audience, and they should have invested more effort in producing it in the perfect manner. but what  can I say, we -The Egyptians- always say about ourselves that we are bad at _Tafnish_ (finishing!). I have no idea is it running in our blood or one day we will be the masters of  _Tafnish_!! Anyway, the people left happy and joyful, which is the most important thing. May God Bless you our holy father and _sheh en rompi_(a Coptic phrase meaning 100 years _302bal 100 sana!!_).

2- The second event was the soccer match between Egypt and Algeria. oh boy! what can I say about this? it is really indescribable! I successfully managed to watch the match online, though I missed the first goal by Amr Zaki, but thanks to YouTube I saw it later. I have to say I am not into football but this match meant a lot to all Egyptians, it was more of a war than a match. First, because it was a qualifying match to world cup. And also, because we lost the first match against Algeria a couple of months ago. Anyway, this huge match was equally joyful, exciting,  disappointing, and frustrating to me. Here is why:

  • The Egyptian team taught those bloody Algerians a lesson about unity, hard work, and perseverance. And we actually deserved wining this hard match.
  • I couldn’t imagine how badly our people are interested in football, they forgot their daily struggle and pain in life and joyfully celebrated the Egyptian team wining. I am not sure though if they really admire football or they just wanted a good excuse to be happy at least for one day.
  • A true proof of hypocrisy was shown on that day: before the match they kept praying and asking God to win. Spectators even prayed in Cairo stadium the Maghreb prayer and followed the prayers with_do3a2_, till now there is nothing wrong. Always the Egyptians claim to be faithful and true followers of religion. But after wining (remember that God answered their prayers, so they should be grateful), They shouted at the Algerian team and cheerers with insults and swear words not considering that the match was airing on TV, or there were girls (who claim to be offended with such words) in the stadium. I can assure you that they sware with the same enthusiasm of their prayers. And that wasn’t the end, when they celebrated in the streets some (records say over 300 young men) sexually harassed the girls in the streets, and friends told me that this happened in many places in Cairo and people just watched this happening without intervening!!  So, where was the police? where were the other decent men at these times?? Weren’t you the same guys who asked God’s help in the much, but after the match has the piousness vanished in the air?
  • Now on Facebook all sort of insults are targeting the Algerians instead of  the famous _YA RAB_(O God!) in the status updates. Come on, there is a coming match next Wednesday!! Or will you remember your God five minutes before the match?? I really don’t like the Algerian behavior or attitude, but this is not an excuse to remember God some time and forget Him some other times! isn’t this plain hypocrisy?? I really want to know do the Egyptians consider themselves truly religious?? after all this acts that is practiced by the majority?  I think we really need to be consistent with our actions choosing whether to be religious or not. but claiming something and doing the opposite is really hypocritic.
  • I think there is no need to talk about Arab’s or Muslim’s unity. It is enough to see the videos on Facebook and YouTube, and judge by yourself.