who am I?!

well, here I am supposed to brag about myself, and bother you with some useless info about me, so if you are interested keep on reading:

My Name is George, I am originally from Alexandria, Egypt. Currently I live in Gothenburg, Sweden, doing my master studies in Interaction Design. I am a Coptic orthodox Christian. I am married to the beautiful Christine, and I am the novice  father of  the adorable Theodora!

I found myself bombarded with many people claiming to be the only holders of truth. I am on my quest to know the truth on my own, guided by the Bible verse : “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”, and on the early writings of the Church fathers.

I consider myself open-minded and tolerant, I am a bookworm, most of the time you will see me with my Kindle. My other interests are: computer graphics, computer programming, game design, blogging. I don’t talk too much except with close friends, even though I consider myself sociable.

I love my Country Egypt and my Church. You will find that most of my writings are about these two. Feel free to drop me a line here, or contact me through:

Facebook account: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=504251388

Twitter: @GeorgeFahim

7 responses

27 06 2011

cool website – awesome! I am Wendy, an American convert of 10 years to Coptic Orthodoxy, and my adult children who aren’t quite in the church yet. I love the Coptic church too – it’s heaven on earth!

27 06 2011
George Fahim

Hey Wendy,
Such a great statement, “it’s heaven on earth” indeed!
May the Lord bless you and your children in every possible way, according to his eternal greatness!

In Christ,

6 05 2012

Greetings Mr George Fahim,

I recently was browsing YouTube and found your YouTube account (geofahim) and your video demonstrating using the Kinect SDK and Python to stream into Maya. As a filmmaker and fellow Kinect developer I found this fascinating and noticed that when asked by another user you offered to email them the code.

I humbly request the same: that you email the Python script and documentation to (seanwadair@yahoo.com) so that I can run the script used to make the video. Not only would I be grateful but will also show you what I made and give you a Rigging Technical Director credit in the finished film.

Thanks and wish you all the best,

Sean Adair

30 05 2012
George Fahim

I’m extremely sorry for the late reply, I was really occupied in the last few weeks, regarding the motion capture code, I found some restrictions that doesn’t allow me to distribute the whole solution mainly because I was using the experimental Kinect SDK. I’m working on figuring out a way to overcome this. On the other hand, I think your work can be done with the Brekel alternative, you can find more info. here: http://www.brekel.com/

I’m sorry I couldn’t help more,
Best regards,

31 05 2012

Not sure what you mean by experimental SDK as Microsoft has released two officially supported SDK’s and encouraged developers to use them. And Autodesk would rather put people who create tools such as yours in press conferences then prosecute them. Possibly even buy them to compete with iClone.

And yes, as of this past weekend Brekel supports the Kinect for Windows through hacked drivers from a third party.

But it’s sad to see a billion dollar corporation release incredible tools with new features on a regular basis that they encourage people to use and watch the splintered development community do nothing with them and instead short sightedly support primitive tools created to win a contest 6 months ago.

But c’est la vie and I will indeed use Brekel’s tools until yourself or another company release an alternative.

16 04 2013

Hi George, I came accross your website by luck !!
It is nice website and has a “bookworm” behind it. I think you should keep blogging, for your – and others – benefits. It is just a thought I like to pass it on. I’m coptic also and I live in Canada.

21 04 2013
George Fahim

Thanks Medhat for passing by and for your encouragement!
I really want to get back to posting here, but I’m overwhelmingly busy these days.
May you enjoy the rest of the lent, and have an edifying paschal season!

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