On the latest Marian apparitions in Cairo

24 12 2009

our Lady of Zeitoun

I think it’s very natural to have people who believe in those apparitions and others who don’t. It is a matter of belief, nothing else. The problem rises when those who don’t believe ridicule others’ beliefs. I never thought that I would find these huge amount of mockery and derision online and on some TV programs. Come on, the media?! shouldn’t this be an objective source of information(I know, it’s only my imagination!). It now turned out to be a way to impose and force one’s thoughts, and in the same time, to degrade others thoughts.

An example of a biased handling of this issue, was with Mona Elshazly’s talk show, it started with choosing the biased guests for the show, to the way she blindly forced her opinion, and ended by the way she reacted to the audiences phone calls. It was a good example of an unprofessional and subjective production.

On the other hand, a better coverage, was Amr adeeb’s program, at least he tried to be objective most of the time, even when he heard a different thought than his. But the other presenter Mohamed Sherdy, he just wanted to show off that he was more knowledgeable than his guests , this was also unprofessional. But overall, I respected the way they handled this issue, they didn’t approve it, but also didn’t demean the opposite point of view.

On the other hand, the web is more independent and free, allowing people to say their opinions  fearlessly. This really gives me the possibility to study people’s ideas and views honestly and deeply.

And As usual, I got depressed after reading a couple of articles and the comments of the readers in one of the web-based newspapers.

Most of the opinions didn’t believe these apparitions _ ok no problem_ but they had really some crazy insane ideas of how the Copts are deceitful, and also the conspiracy theory came in handy there, like theories of attracting people to Christianity or orthodoxy using fake claims of the apparition. Some other opinions really hurt me, when they insulted us of being naive, stupid, retarded just because we believed in those apparitions. As I said before, it is a matter of belief, and I don’t think that any Christian asked a Muslim to believe in these apparitions. So, remember this my brothers, we didn’t ask anybody to believe in this. It is our faith and we are happy with it, meanwhile we didn’t force anybody to follow it.  We don’t ask your approval or acceptance, we ask your respect to us and to our beliefs, and this is a fair right. And I don’t think that you will betray your Islam if you respect us, but if you think so, then you have some serious issues.

I really want to imagine how the people reacted during the famous apparition of “our Lady of Zeiton”, back in 1968. Though I am sure that the Muslims were more tolerant back then, and they considered that apparition a bless to all Egyptians, Muslims and Christians. But now, it is something hard to find. I hope one day we become again one hand and let the religion aside. Let’s not be oversensitive towards beliefs. Let’s be more tolerant to different beliefs, It won’t harm us, on the contrary, we will then  be able to focus on more important issues. I am sure that when this happens will be in a totally different and better state. I am living on that hope!!



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21 07 2013
Bernard Morris

Good article!! I am ridiculed by atheists, one in particular, just for believing in God, and that’s bad enough, but I am also ridiculed just for considering that Genius may be “true” in a “more literal sense” by “Catholic Progressives” inside the church!!! (ie. not a 6 day literal, but just “more literal” that accepted by {faithless} progressive Catholics)
I’ve got absolutely NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER believing that “MOM” appeared as reported!!

21 07 2013
George Fahim

Thanks for your comment Bernie!

Regarding the Genesis narrative, I believe that what Fr. François Varillon wrote in his book “Joy of faith, joy of life” explains the creation narrative in a profound and fulfilling manner. He doesn’t support the literal understanding but gives a more sound theological understanding about creation and origin.
The whole book is a great read, btw.

God bless,

28 09 2013

You stated, “Let’s be more tolerant to different beliefs, It won’t harm us, on the contrary, we will then be able to focus on more important issues.” But what about Jesus Christ’s statement that the path to Hell is broad and many fall in thereat? Or that the path to Heaven is narrow and few there are who find it? When Jesus’s Holy Name is taken as a byword in normal daily conversation, no one has the guts to do the same treatment of Mohammed’s name. Why? Because people don’t want to lose their already lost mortal life, which we must do at some point we know not when. So if we’re supposed to die because we are, by definition, mortal, why do we fear speaking the Truth? Where do we wish to end up for all eternity? Study St. Philomena and what she bore for the Truth. Good luck in that Hell-hole of the Middle East.

4 11 2013
George Fahim

Sorry for the late reply, the first thing I thought of while reading your comment is the Pauline verse: “speaking the truth in love”. That should be our motto when tackling controversial issues.
God bless,

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